Sunday 26 September 2010

Piraeus to Aqaba - Log #015# - Jordan (Aqaba)

Eilat (Israel) from Aqaba.


The Ottoman Fortress that features in the movie Laurence of Arabia. Ottoman governor was expecting an offensive from the sea and all the canons were facing south. Laurence and the Arab tribes crossed the dessert and waged and offesinve from the North capturing the fortress.

Eilat (Israel) and Aqaba (Jordan) are sharing the Port in the Gulf of Aqaba. There was a rocket attack 1 month ago. Hamas rebels launched rockets form the Mountain of Sina into Eilat. The rockets missed the target and killed 2 men in Jordanian Aqaba.

Gulf of Aqaba is famous for its scuba diving activities.

Daily Distance: 250 Km
Total Distance: 4005 Km
Pros: Underwater Coral Reef
Cons: null
Soundtrack: Wilco, War on War