Sunday 5 September 2010

Piraeus to Aqaba - Log #005# - (Patara-Xanthos-Letoon-Kas-Olympos)

A blue neon mosque on the way to Patara, Xanthos and Letoon.

Patara was the birthplace of St Nicholas of Myra AKA Santa Claus who later became a 4th century Byzantine bishop. Patara also has a necropolis with several rock-cut Lycian tombs. The visitors will enjoy an 18 Km long golden beach and the most evocative Lycian ruins in Turkey.

The ruined city of Xanthos was once the capital of the Lycian Union and was founded around 1200 B.C. The ancient city includes a large theatre, acropolis and mosaic floors.

Lycian inscription.

Letoon hosts an important shrine of Leto one of Zeus many partners and mother of the twins Apollo and Artemis. Most of the ruins are underwater.

The sandy beach at Patara.

Lycian ruins near the Patara beach.

Lycian sarcophagus.

, Pamir and the boy at Medusa bar in Patara...

On the way to Kas Kaputas a fine sandy beach.

Kas used to be a place of exlie for political dissidents and now is a quite touristic town under the mountain of Sleeping Man (Yatan Adam)

At the background you can see Kastelorizo just 2 miles away from the coast of Kas.

Olympos is resort for nature lovers.

These Log cabins and Tree houses can be rent for accomodation.

Babylon town is place for concerts and festivals.

Daily Distance: 150Km
Total Distance: 1250Km
Pros: Pamir and Saba
Cons: null
Soundtrack: The Police, Walking on Moon