Monday 6 September 2010

Piraeus to Aqaba - Log #007# - (Antalya pt2)

Entering this Pharmacy in Antalya I was a cheerfully greeted by Kostas and Natassa, a nice middle-aged Greek couple sitting behind the desk. Kostas having worked in the past part-time as a Prime Minister and Natassa having done various casual jobs opted for the quiet laid back life of Antalya rather than the hectic pace of life in Rafina. I pretended to be Turk asked for paracetamol and went my way.

There is going to be a referendum in Turkey regarding the jurisdiction of the High Court Judge.If Hayir (No) is voted for the status remains as it is.

If Evet (Yes) is voted for, then more power will be transfered to the High Judge making the Army establishmnet weaker. It is the Kemalist Vs the Turkish Neo-Muslim establishment.
Bronze musicians in the streets of Antalya.

The Frogs a very popular local animal band.