Tuesday 7 September 2010

Piraeus to Aqaba - Log #008# - (Anamur-Kizkalesi-Mersin)

Finaly the Turks voted for Evet.

Erdogan the winner of the referendum, was sentenced to prison 12 years ago for reciting an Islamic poem, and these tight restrictions on religious expression are one of the targets of his reform drive.

He describes himself as a conservative, having pro-business and pro-family values and much of provincial Turkey thinks like him and vote for him.

Some Turks are worried that Mr Erdogan will negate the secular regime forged by Turkey's founding father Ataturk, and impose an Islamic republic.

Will Turkey become Iran?


Turkey is the world's 17th largest economy, and lifestyles in some parts of Istanbul match those of London - although lifestyles in some eastern Anatolian villages are not too far from what you would find in Afghanistan. Turkey is a very diverse place, and that explains the deep polarisation of politics.

On top of that many liberals as well as Left-wing parties see the articles in the reformed constitution as in the scope of the democratization process.

On the way to Anamur,this part of Turkey is a piece of green highland full of pine trees.

Anamur is full of newly built property.

Just besides Mamure the old crusader castle you find two seaside camping.

The beach in front the camping is an important nesting ground for the sea turtle caretta caretta.

From the egg-nest straight to the sea.

Anemurium is the old city next to Anamur. The bottom of the sea has ancient ruins that you can explore with a pair of swimming goggles.

Around the city walls there are many Roman built tombs.

A Roman civil basilica (law court)

The Odeon.

Roman Tomb.
or Kizkalesi was part of the Christian Armenian Kingdom of Cicilia in the 14th century. Rulers changed through times according to the area's historical pattern, Seltzuk, Ottoman, Mongols, Byzantines all left their heritage.

Kiz kalesi
(maidens castle). According to the legend a king held his daughter here in captivity as it was prophesied she would die by a snake bite. So she was taken to the sea castle to protect her, but a serpent was taken by basket to the castle, eventually she was bitten and died.

The city of Mersin became a part of many states and civilizations including the Arabs, Egyptian Tulunids, Seljuk Turks, Mongols, Crusaders, Armenians, Mamluks, Anatolian beyliks, and finally the city was conquered by the Ottomans.

The Mertim Tower in Mersin.

Mersin is Turkey's biggest port.

Statue of Piri Reis, who is primarily known his maps and charts collected in his Kitab-ı Bahriye (Book of Navigation),

Piri Reis designed the oldest known Turkish map showing the New World, and this one of the oldest maps of America still in existence in the world.

In 1513 he produced his first world map, the startling accuracy of which is still a mystery.

Reis is Turkish and Arabic for Captain or Admiral

Daily Distance: 100 Km
Total Distance: 1800 Km
Pros: Teenage Ninja Turtles
Cons: For 3 hrs believed moto stolen, until finding out at the police station that it was taken by traffic police...
Soundtrack: Bob Dylan-Tom Petty, Like a rolling stone