Saturday 6 August 2011

Seattle to San Francisco [U.S. Route 101] - Log #04# (North & Central Oregon Coast)

A small detour before starting my descend south, I am crossing Astoria-Megler Bridge to visit Cape Disappointment on the Northern bar of Columbia River in Washington State.

Astoria-Megler's Bridge northern part in Washington.

Cave Disappointment in the north mouth of Columbia river.                         

Cave Dissapointment Lighthouse.

This jetty marks Columbia River's confluence with the Pacific Ocean. Left lies Columbia River right the Pacific Ocean.

..and reverse Left the Pacific Ocean, right the Columbia River.

Dead man's Cove still on Cave Disappointment.

Vessel entering Columbia River.

Have already left Cape Disappointment and moving south into Oregon following US Route 101. 

Cannon Beach. 

Haystack Rock.

City of Garibaldi

In 1870 the area’s first postmaster was assigned the task of naming the postmark. The same year, Giuseppe Garibaldi helped unify Italy after a military career devoted to establishing democracy around the world.

The postmaster felt inclined to name the post office after his hero.

Captain Robert Gray Statue in Garibaldi, Oregon, USA. His most remembered accomplishment from his explorations was his coming upon and then naming of the Columbia River after his vessel, in 1792 while on his second voyage.

Tillamook city famous for its cheese production.

Cape Meares.

Cape Meares Lighthouse.

The Octopus Tree on Cape Meares. Tradition among local Native Indians suggets the tree was used for burials. The Killamook Indians's custom was to shape the limps of certain trees  in order to eventually hold canoes holding their dead.

Central Oregon Pacific Coast.

Pacific City Beach.

Oregon Dunes National Recreational Park.

Cape Foulweather.


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