Thursday 2 June 2011

Brno - Graz - Zabgreb - Ljubljana - Log #034#

Took 3 days off work and set off for a journey to Austria (Graz), Croatia (Zagreb) and Slovenia (Ljubljana).

New tires, new chain and breaks Crazy Horse got a bit of lifting.

Crossing the Austrian borders.

Green power windmills in perfect harmony with green Austrian meadows.

Graz the major student city of Austria.

Greece under the austere scrutinizing headlights of this German masterpiece of mechanical engineering, a BMW GS 1100.

Sturm Graz is celebrating this year's championship and in the main square of Graz a huge party is on progress...

Do not forget to buy your vignette (valid for 1 week, costing 7 euros) in Slovenia.

Arriving Croatian border.

Croatian Kunas, a kuna is a little foxy mammal whose fur was used as an exchange currency unit during medieval times.

Letu Stuke (Flying Pike) playing live tonight.

Dolac  the central market of Zagreb.

The local guard on a pageant through the city center celebrating Zagreb's birthday.

St. Mark's Church, 13th century on the background.

The city's skyline.

The riot of the robots is going to look like this...

On Medvednica Mountain except from experiencing a panoramic view of the city you can taste local delicacies in this superb restaurant.

The Altar of the Croatian Nation.

Edo,Maja,Tea,Kika & Vas. Edo and Tea offered hosting and along with Maja and Kika, showed me around Zagreb.

Edo is running the most popular Music Portal in Croatia, Muzika.hrand has a couple of other great digital media related projects under his belt.

Europa is the cinema for alternative movie productions.

Edo playing the bench, traditional Croatian outdoors instrument.

Ćevapi is a Balkan dish of grilled minced meat, a legacy of the Ottoman Empire found in South Eastern Europe. 

It is considered a national dish in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Central park Maksimir in Zagreb.

Another live music night downtown Zagreb.

Sebastian Doe playing a eclectic mix of folk & rock.

Zagreb in the dawn of day.

Zagreb's main Train Station.

Zagreb's Gallery of Street Art.

Main square of Zagreb.

Borders of Slovenia entering from Croatia.

A village church in the traditional Slovenian style.

Otočec Castle-Hotel in Slovenia.

Celica Hostel was built by Hungarians in 1882 and was used as a prison up until 1991.

Then a group of artists, students and scientists transformed this house of confiscated freedom into a haven of free expression.

A  multiplex of bars, galleries that reminds a little bit the Freetown Christiania project in Copenhagen.

Central square in Ljubljana.

Being a student city Ljubljana offers a very diverse music scene with lots of open-air Jazz festivals and concerts.

The Dragon Bridge or "Mother in Law" as this structure is called by locals to celebrate the fiery temperament of Mother-In-Laws.

There is a legend that Jason was the founder of Ljubljana, and he and his Argonauts killed the dragon.

As another local legend goes the dragon will wag his tail if a virgin crosses the bridge, which makes of a much more plausible legend as there were no tails waging for more than 30 mins as I was watching a group of Scandinavian high-school girls passing by.

The Castle of Ljubljana.


Borders of Slovenia with Austria.

Daily Distance: 323 Km (Brno-Graz) / 188 Km (Graz-Zagreb) / 140 Km Zagreb-Ljubljana  / 506 Km (Ljubljana -Brno)
Total Distance: 1165 Km
Soundtrack: The Dubrovniks, Dubrovnik Girls