Monday 23 May 2011

Brno - Veveří Castle - Pernštejn Castle - Log #033#

This weekend the I decided to follow the northern routes towards Veveří Castle and Pernštejn Castle, the two most prominent castles of Moravia.

Below is the the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary west of Veveří Castle's premises.

Veveří Castle (Czech: Hrad Veveří, German: Burg Eichhorn) was built between 1213 and 1222.

Pernštejn Castle (Czech: Hrad Pernštejn) is a castle that came to be known as the marble castle because of the marble-like stone used to frame the doors and windows.

It was founded by the Lords of Medlov probably between 1270-1285. 

Pernštejn is one of the most preserved castles in Czech Republic.

The playroom of the Castle,

..and the dungeon.

On the way back to Brno the scenery is typical of Central Europe.

Daily Distance: 101 Km
Total Distance: 101 Km
Soundtrack: Tuxedo Moon, No Tears