Monday 20 June 2011

Toronto to Vancouver - Log #000# (Beam us up, Scotty...)

For the road-trip in the Americas me and the moto flew two different flights. Soon to be completed the shuttle that will be connecting Athens to Florida...

With Mischa who offered hospitality, facilitated transportation to the Cargo Terminal, showed me around Frankfurt and most importantly channeled positive vibes to the whole "colpo grosso".

At the Cargo Terminal it is imperative to disconnect the battery and make sure there is less than 1 gallon of petrol in the tank.

The motorcycle is shipped as Dangerous / Hazardous item.

Eurolines bus to Paris to catch my flight to Toronto.

From Gallieni straight to CDG.

Hovering Nova Scotia.

Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Next morning took the bus to the Cargo Terminal in Toronto.

To Customs for clearance of the moto.

Some things were never meant to fly. Not the Transalp.

Motorcycle on Canadian soil,battery reconnected and ready to roll.

Acclimatizing the moto to its new road companions.