Friday 17 December 2010

Athens to London - Log #025# - (Strasbourg-London)

This is the image I faced while exiting the Hostel to kick off the last leg of this trip to London. I feared that snow would have covered all roads, but luckily that was not the case.

Dawn in Strasbourg.

River Rhine, the Hostel was located just 1 Km from the German borders, you could essentially walk into Germany.

This is a memorial erected in 2008 just after the last two survivors of the Great War passed away.

The Battle of Verdum resulted in more than a quarter of a million battlefield deaths (163,000 French and 143,000 German combatants) plus at least half a million wounded.

Verdun was the longest battle and one of the most devastating in the First World War and more generally in human history.

Verdun was primarily an artillery battle : a total of about 40 million artillery shells were exchanged by both sides, leaving behind millions of overlapping shell craters that are still partly visible today.  


The Battle of Verdun  was fought behind these fences. Brothers in Arms fought on these fields.

Approaching Calais, just 100Km more, snow starts retreating.

Dover,UK photographed from the ferry's deck.

Back home the snow has covered Bow,London.

Daily Distance: 785 Km
Total Distance: 1911 Km
Soundtrack: Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

Vassilis Themelidis