Saturday 11 December 2010

Athens to London - Log #022# - (Athens-Patra)

This one will be a speedy trip not focused on sightseeing but aimed instead to return as quickly as possible back home in London.

The trip is not going to be a jaunt to the countryside. Weather conditions will be a major dragging force, turning moto-driving into a real challenge.

So products from Milanese maker Tucanourbano  were ordered to keep me up and driving.

Driving to Patra was the most challenging part of the trip, not because of the light snowfall but due to gusty winds that continuously threatened to topple the bike. Even more dangerous than rain moto-driving with winds. 

You get rain - you slow down, you get winds - you have to actually curl on the bike and speed up to keep your trajectory.

First stop to Patra to take the Ferry to Ancona. A wall graffiti at the Bus Station.

Superfast Ferry will carry us to Ancona in 21 Hrs.

The port of Patra, with the Graffiti in the background.

Mountain Vodias snowcapped.

The Rio-Antirio cable bridge.

Dusk on the deck sailing the Ionian sea.

Daily Distance: 210Km
Soundtrack: Ryan Adams, Let it Ride

Vassilis Themelidis