Wednesday 27 April 2011

Brno to Bratislava- Log #030#

This one is the first road trip after Januarys' migration from London to Brno, that left me with a bruised back. Plus weather conditions are quite harsh here in Central Europe for moto travelling during winter time.

So it's going to be like a test drive back to action against a decent distance of about 125 Km.

Google is splashing out lots of money to extend its Chrome browser market share. Besides scanning our emails Google also wants its server farms to be gathering our browsing habits creating the most accurate user profile any marketeer ever craved for.

Nothing can stop Google from becoming the largest advertising company in the world.

The Battle of Austerlitz, also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors, was Napoleon's greatest victory and it is where the French army defeated the Russo-Austrian army, commanded by Tsar Alexander I, after nine hours of fighting. 

Austerlitz is about 10 Km from Brno.

Abandoned checkpoints between Czech Republic and Slovakia


Bratislava used to be known by the German name Preßburg and has been strongly influenced by people of different nations and religions, namely by Austrians,Hungarians,Czechs,Germans,Slovaks and Jews.

Pressburg flourished during the 18th century reign of Queen Maria Theresa,becoming the largest and most important town in Hungary.

Slavín is the military cemetery in Bratislava built in honour of the Soviet Army soldiers who fell during the liberation of Bratislava in April 1945.

Bratislava was bombarded by the Allies, occupied by German troops in 1944 and eventually taken by the Soviet Red Army on April 4, 1945.

The flag and the coat of arms of Slovakia both include the cross of Lorraine.

The old Slovak National Theatre building on Hviezdoslav Square. 

Before World War I, Bratislava had 42% German, 41% Hungarian and 15% Slovak population. After World War I and the formation of Czechoslovakia on October 28, 1918, the city was incorporated into the new state despite its residents' reluctance.

The dominant Hungarian and German population tried to prevent annexation of the city to Czechoslovakia and declared it a free city. However, the Czechoslovak Legions occupied the city on January 1, 1919,  making it part of Czechoslovakia.

The Slovak National Museum.

The Port of Bratislava provides access to the Black Sea via the Danube and to the North Sea through the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal

The workman coming out of the sewer (Cumil) is part of 4 bronze statues decorating Bratislava's historical center.

Anton Bernolák is a Slovak linguist and Catholic priest and the author of the first Slovak language standard.

Michael's Gate is the only gate that has been preserved from the medieval fortifications, and it ranks among the oldest of the town's buildings.

A true multi-intrumentalist.

One of the most prominent structures in the city is Bratislava Castle, on a plateau above the Danube. 

View of the city from Bratislava Castle.


Nový Most (New Bridge) across the Danube built during Soviet occupation features a UFO-like tower restaurant.

The Smurfs' church.

Grassalkovich Palace, seat of the president of Slovakia.

Bratislava hosts the Hockey World Championship in April 2011.

During Soviet times large residential areas consisting of high-rise prefabricated panel buildings, such as those in the Petržalka borough, were built.

Július Satinský, the most famous Slovak comedian.

Horskom Parku in the leafy suburbs of Bratislava.

Traditional cake Kolac Sladky.

The city has a number of natural and man-made lakes, most of which are used for recreation. Rusovce lake in the south is popular with nudists.

Štrkovec lake in Ružinov

Downtown Cafe bar.

Bratislava Castle by night. 

Bratislava's Old Town Hall is one of the oldest stone buildings in Bratislava, and the oldest city hall in Slovakia, with the tower being built approximately in 1370.

Primate's Palace, the seat of the city's mayor.

Nový Most by night.

Returning to Brno.

Back to Brno and straigt to u Průmyslovky a dinkum Czech restaurace serving Radogast beer.

Daily Distance: 140 Km
Total Distance:  420 Km
Soundtrack: T-Rex, The Children of the Revolution