Wednesday 25 August 2010

Piraeus to Aqaba - Log #000# - (Piraeus-Chios)

Hi all! is Vas Themelidis blogging about the trip that started
today from the port of Piraeus having the port of Aqaba in Jordan as its terminal point.

Posting photos, videos and texts on this traveling log aims to share these traveling experiences with friends and contribute traveling intelligence on the semantic web. The goal for the trip itself is to see first hand some of the most troubled and powerful lands of the Mediterranean basin.

Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan have been the crossroads of all South European, Middle East and
ancient Asian empires having left their permanent marks on the lands and the people. Antiquity is still unravaged by time, and the people (almost) unspoilt by modern life.

Back to the gear..

Japanese engineering and Italian workmanship have created the Transalp XL650V this robust and versatile motorbike will carry baggage and tripping ambitions.

The moto was serviced by Panayiotis Georgousis one of the best Service shops for Honda motos in Athens.

This first post sent from the deck of vessel European Express has travelled Hellas-Sat-II to land on your browser. So if text is scrabbled and photos pixelised then there must be a flock of Greek seagulls or sun flares interfering with the transmission.

Tomorrow we are crossing the ditch from Chios to Cesme,

Greetings V.

Daily Distance: 200 Nautical Miles

Total Distance: 0 Km
Pros: Italian Couple, The Whole of the moon
Cons: dodgy spaghetti at the restaurant

Tags: Piraeus, Chios, European Express,Transalp, Hellas-Sat, Sun Flares
Soundtrack: Paul Weller, No Tears To Cry